Projects Portfolio

Binche Community

Location: Binche Keyoh

Description: Dado Construction began Consulting with Binche Keyoh in 2014 on the design of a new community center/band office. Dado Construction Ltd. was selected as the general contractor on the project and with input from the band drew up the conceptual drawings for the project as a design/build project, and further assisted with refining of the project with the architect and Engineers.

 They were donated a house from the passing of an elder who gave it on the condition it became a building that benefited the youth of Binche. The original house was kept, and incorporated into the middle of the new structure. The new project incorporated a mix of standard stud framing and timber framing, with renovations and new build.

A highlight of the project was the design and building of a new custom table for the Chief and Council meetings. A arrow was found prior to construction on site, and was incorporated into the center of the table.

Dado Construction Ltd. was honoured to be part of such an important project for the Binche Keyoh.