Sub Contracting and Other Services


While we are primarily a general contractor, we are available as required for a wide variety of services that we provide in-house.

From wood framing to concrete forms, roofing to project management, we strive to deliver on the same level of professionalism and quality that we do for all our services.

Our sub-contracting services include but are not limited to:

Foundations & Underfloor Heating: We do foundations in conventional and ICF (insulated concrete forms), pads, sidewalks, floating slabs on grade, grade beam and piles to shop floors.

Concrete Foundations
Concrete Foundations Pouring
Underfloor Heating
Concrete Foundations

Concrete & Concrete Finishing: from forming and rebar installation right up to placement of concrete and select finishing.

sub contracting
Roberts Point

Framing & Insulation: From wood foundations, to floor systems, walls and roof systems we do houses and commercial building from start to finish. Our framing crew has a wide breadth of experience.

Framing and Insulation
Framing and Insulation

Roofing: Specializing in metal roofs, but also exceling at shingles. We have done commercial buildings down to houses and shops with complicated flashings and interesting roof lines.

Roof Construction

James Hardie Siding. We are equipped and trained to do both Hardie Board and Batten and Hardie plank siding as per manufactures latest specifications.

James Hardie Siding

Earth Moving: We have a John Deere 50G excavator and dump trailer. We do sewer and water line digs, foundation excavations, culvert placement, site drainage and general landscaping.

Earth Moving

Please inquire to see if we can help you with these or any other projects you may have.

Building and Construction Services
Building and Construction Services

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