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Building Construction & Commercial Projects

Whatever it is that you’re looking at building, Dado Construction Ltd can help.

We have a strong back ground in light commercial and institutional construction but have also built custom homes and groups of spec homes for developments.

Some of the projects that we’ve taken on are:

Construction of a new Community Center and Band Office, with a full commercial kitchen, recreation area, administration and reception area, full offices, a council chamber/board room, internet café space and outdoor patio space, sidewalks and lakefront rock work to prevent erosion.

Restaurant Construction and dining renovations. We were involved in the design with industry professionals and the subsequent build out of a full service commercial kitchen.

The construction of multiple single family, du-plex, and tri-plex houses for local First Nations. These houses were designed by us to suit the needs of the community, and built to exceptional standard for durability.

Design and construction of multiple shops. From Municipal public works, logging truck and mechanic shops to personal garages and storage spaces. We have perfected a simple yet quality system of wood framed, well insulated metal clad buildings that offer long life yet superior insulation value.

Sidewalks, concrete pads and floors. We have years of experience in forming, pouring and finishing in a variety of concrete work to suit most needs.

We have been involved in many custom and unique projects over the years. From cedar saunas, large exterior decks on rock bluffs to cabins on remote islands we have experience in making unique ideas and designs a reality.

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