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From inspections and detailed reports, funding applications or inventory of assets, all the way up to new construction and renovations. We can assist in almost any way required.

Dado Construction Ltd can help housing departments or individuals in a number of ways. We have years’ worth of experience in one on one work with housing managers and group work with departments in delivering projects. Not just in the area of building or renovations, but in the planning stages, to paperwork and applications to project management, to the actual completion of the work and even maintenance or upkeep after turning over the project.

We strive to hire as much local talent as possible, and to be a good corporate citizen in the communities that we work. We take pride in offering rewarding employment and practical training to all our employees.


A small sample of the work we can assist with:

Inspections of homes or buildings for the purpose of providing reports, estimating life cycle of components, providing an inventory of assets, or attaching costs to repairs or replacements

Assisting in the application or sourcing of funding as requested

Conceptual drawings and budgets for new builds custom to the needs of the community. With the ability to provide full plans after approval

Building of new homes and institutional spaces

Renovations of buildings as needed, both interior and exterior

Foundation repairs, to both concrete foundations and wood foundations

Plumbing services for both new construction and repairs to existing properties

Excavations and repairs to broken sewer lines and water lines underground

Excavator or earth work for site drainage, removal of debris and general landscaping

Working with engineers and insurance agencies for certified fire hydrant flushing, repairs or maintenance

We can offer maintenance of new or existing properties in a variety of ways. Either through taking on the maintenance directly with our in house technicians, to providing checklists and scopes for public works or in house departments to provide the work, or even providing oversight and assuming responsibility directly while hiring local professionals to assist and train with us

We offer Carpentry apprenticeships to ambitious workers who wish to further their careers, or acquire a new skill set

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