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Chulci Nu Lodge

Apr 28, 2020

Location: Smith Island, Fort St James

Description: Originally occupied by the Smith Family in the 1940’s, the island boasted of 1 large log house that was their primary residence. The island was purchased in the 1960’s by an American Millionaire and converted into a hunting and fishing lodge. In 1963, the original residence was converted into a mess hall and kitchen, while a new gathering hall, boat house and workshop and several cabins were built on the island. The island operated in this fashion for several years, serving celebrities and locals alike, until it sold in the 70’s.

The island changed hands several times thereafter, with each owner either adding new buildings, or attempting to renovate existing ones. The lodge was abandoned sometime in the 80’s, and fell into a state of neglect. It was however repurchased in 2018, and Dado Construction Ltd was contacted to prevent several of the main buildings from falling further into disrepair.

A new roof was added to the Gathering hall on the bluffs, as well as extensive repairs and replacement to the deck and stairs. Two other of the better cabins had their roofs replaced and their decks completely replaced as well.

Dado Construction Ltd looks forward to returning and working with the current owners on repairs to the legendary premise.